Cameras seem to have been always draped over the shoulders of South Carolina photographer Randall Hill. 

He enjoys a diverse career that has taken him all over the world and given him the ability to see life from all angles. 

He has been based in the Southeast for more than 25 years and his work has been published in most major publications in the US. 

Hill has been honored with numerous awards including two Photographer of the Year awards (2001, 2003) as a member of the South Carolina News Photographers Association and one Photographer of the Year award (1984) while a member of the North Carolina Press Photographers Association. 

“My background is in photojournalism and that is the creative force that separates me from other photographers.” It’s his ability to blend in and use his extensive experience to catch all the special moments that happen at weddings. “My style is to document not to direct.” 

With his experience, including 12 years at The Sun News in Myrtle Beach as a senior photographer and now as a contributing photojournalist with the Reuters News Agency, Hill is ready to take on the responsibility of photographing your big day. 

“After we are done, I want you to have a great keepsake of images that you can pass down and share with generations to come. I want to create a document of your history.”